It is true that clients are getting more and more into cinematic style of photography...

Brides and grooms alike are wanting Pinterest worthy photos to not only look back on for the memory but that tell a story of their day and look as organic as possible. This is the style that our team and my husband and myself strive to create because let's face it, it looks the most candid and less forced. But their are plenty of photographers that have no idea where to begin when it comes to making a client feel natural behind their lens and to get them to open up to create this type of imagery. So, we have broke down our 10 BEST prompts for photography that will help guide your clients on their engagement sessions and weddings and will make them immediately feel comfortable around you. We guarantee it!

#1 The Walk & Laugh

Have your wedding party walk towards your camera and start them further away from you to get enough shots. Before they walk towards you tell them to fake laugh as much as possible at one another and to have the Bride & Groom look at one another while doing this. They will be sure to start laughing naturally just because it becomes funny to force it.

#2 The Airplane

Have the Bride & Grooms put their hands together and create a flying motion or up and down from side to side. You can have the Groom then wrap his arms around her and kiss her neck while swaying her body side to side in a bear hug to create a seamless transition!

#3 Give a Cheer

This is a great prompt for large family group photos too! Have the wedding party or family group yell out the Bride & Grooms names as loud as they can or one word to describe them with their arms in the air, while having the Bride & Groom kiss in the middle.

#4 The Group Hug

This one is one of our Fav's. Have the Bride and groom stand closer to you and facing one another with arms wrapped around each other and kissing and make sure the wedding party is a few paces behind them. Tell the wedding party on the count of 3 to jog (most likely they will run so warn them to be gentle lol), to the Bride & Groom with the best group bear hug. You may need to do this one 2 times to get it right. But it turns out PERFECT when done correctly.

#5 Cheering Photo (option 2)

This is another great cheering photo idea if your location may be a little more difficult for running. Here our bride had an injured ankle and location for photos was on an angle. So we put the Bride & Groom in front and separate the group behind them while they yelled out their names or gave a "WOO HOO" and the couple dipped and kissed.

#6 Blow a Kiss

This photo is so sweet for the girls and can be done for their getting ready group shot or for them in their dressed after the ceremony. Just have them blow a kiss to the Bride.

#7 Hip Thrust Walk

This one is so much fun and sure to get your couple to laugh! Have the two hold hands and bumps hips while walking towards you.

#8 Bouquet Cheer

Tell your girls to cheer the Brides name and hold up their bouquets in the air. Make sure to not have them toss them lol

#9 Cradle & Spin

Have him lift up his Bride in a cradle position and spin around. You can have her hold out her dress if she has a long train so it flows out. This photo will look so pretty!

#10 Pull & Throw

This one can be a bit confusing at first so make sure to explain to your couple clearly. Have them hold hands and take a few paces back from you. While they are running/jogging have him start in front of her and swing her forward and then have her swing him forward. They also call this one "The Catapult".

We are so excited for you to try these fun prompts for your clients and their families and we wish you all the best. If you have any questions or want to join the MSMP Team reach out to us at and we will be happy to speak more with you. Look at out other blog posts for more photography tips and tricks.