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                DO I NEED AN ADD ON?


Here are some helpful tips if you are not sure you need a second photographer for your wedding day.

  1. If you are wanting getting ready photos, will the Groom & Groomsmen be at a different location to the Bride & Bridesmaids?
  2. If you're want different angles for your ceremony and want to make sure one photographer is on the aisle shots and another is on the grooms reaction!
  3. If you want the second photographer to grab photos of the reception set up before guests arrive and have the main photographer focus on the family photos. If ceremony and reception locations are different.

If you feel like the answer is yes  to at least one of these then a second photographer for 2hrs would be perfect and if more than 4-6 hours would be your selection.


An Engagement shoot is not just an announcement but a milestone to your future marriage together. Below are some reasons to help you decide if you do or don't need an engagement shoot.

  1. Having an engagement shoot is a great way to meet your photographer before the wedding day and go over poses you may want to replicate on the day of!
  2. Having photos taken at the place he/she proposed! Or a place that has a special memory for both of you
  3. For your save the dates! We get your engagement photos to you in a quickly manner (1 week turn around time).

If you have already gotten engagement photos done than this may not apply to you. But if you are unsure if they are necessary and you find at least one reason above to agree with then an engagement shoot is for you!



If you are looking for 2-5 hours and know for certain you will not be needing 6 then the hourly would be a great starting point. Remember you can always add more hours on if you feel like your wedding schedule  is too crunched for time.

  1. You are having an elopement and it's just the two of you!
  2. You are doing only a ceremony or only a reception.
  3. You are having a small number of guests.

DO I WANT A 6, 8 OR 10 Hour package?

This is always a tough decision to make for so many couples. Since we don't always know what our timeline is going to be like. Remember though, we can always add additional hours when you get closer to your wedding day! Here are some helpful tips to come to a decision on coverage.

  1. The Peony Package - Perfect for getting into dress (if timeline allows) Ceremony, Portraits, Speeches & up to First dances.
  2. The Rose Package - Great for some getting ready to guests on the dance floor! Possible Exit and Sunset Photos if timeline allows.
  3. The Orchid Package - This package is the best option if you feel like there will be  a longer ceremony and larger family, and if getting ready location is further away from venue. Also if you are wanting a sparkler or special exit later at night.



All images are professionally and beautifully edited to "Pinterest Level Standard" and then provided to you through our easily accessed online gallery.

All images are fully downloadable and stored for 3-Months to 6 months depending on your package, ensuring you have ample time to access, download and enjoy them!

Lastly, you receive FULL image rights. and all Images are delivered to you within 3 weeks. Sneak peaks within 3-4 days.


MSMP Media LLC understands that everyone comes to us with varying budgets. We are happy to work with you to determine a great fit.

As fully verified business merchants on Stripe and Wave payment processors, We offer completely secured payment. No information is stored.

Your Payment Options

1.) A 30% OR 50% deposit is required upon signing your Agreement and the remaining percentage is due 7-days prior to your wedding date. You do have the option to pay off your balance earlier.


2.) Choose to Pay in Full and Receive an additional 5% Off the Total Price.

All Transactions are Final.

We Do Not Accept Personal Checks.


All Packages come with a crystal USB that you get to keep as a keepsake so your photos are safely stored for years to come 💜

We Book Over 100+ Weddings Per Year

Your Date is ONLY Secured WitH a Deposit

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