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Welcome to the main page for our Videography services!

!0% Off Total Cost if you book both photo & video services

4-hrs coverage


Highlight Reel Only!

-3-4 min Reel


-Centered around ceremony footage

-Purchase RAW footage of speeches for $100// RAW footage of ceremony for $75


6-hrs coverage


Short video & Highlight

-6-7 min full length film

-1 min Sneak Peak Reel

-Full length will include best moments, shortened ceremony (vows, ring exchange, kiss), one speech and dancing clips

-RAW footage of Ceremony


8-hrs coverage


Our Most popular!

-8-10 minute full-length film

-2 min Sneak Peak Reel

-Full length will include best moments, shortened ceremony (vows, ring exchange, kiss), two speeches & dancing clips

-RAW footage of Ceremony


10-hrs coverage


Amazing coverage!

-11-12 minute full length film

-2-3 minute Sneak Peak Reel

-RAW Footage of ceremony & speeches

-Full length will include best moments, your entire Ceremony, all speeches (depending on length), dances


We do not offer Raw footage of Dances AS AN ADD ON

All footage may be discussed with us prior for custom needs with your videographer.

Final editing of full length videos is based off of speeches and ceremonies that run a certain length of time, changes may occur based on how long speeches and ceremony are, as we try to fit within the time length given.

*Due to the high demand for our videography services, we are only accepting bookings 30-days or longer from your wedding day!

(We apologize for any inconvenience)

*Calendar open to 2023 & 2024!

Meet MSMP's Videographers

Meet MSMP's Videographers


Emily is seriously the sweetest person you could ever meet and is so bubbly and fun to be around! Not only is her personality full of life, she also captures weddings in such a romantic and elegant way.

Emily not only works for MSMP but she also does video work for the Detroit Red Wings and has training specifically in videography.

We just love having her on our team!

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Will I receive RAW footage?

We now offer a link to the raw footage of your ceremony and/or speeches for you to download from dropbox, based on the package of your choice.

If you would like to purchase RAW footage there will be an additional cost of $50 for each speech and $75 for the ceremony footage.

How do payments work?

Videography is split into 2 payments. one as a deposit and the second is due 7-days before the wedding.

MSMP MEDIA LLC does not offer payment plans.

What footage do we receive?

This depends on the package you choose.

Our standard captures are: getting ready, first looks, ceremony clips, wedding party, bride and groom exclusives, speeches and of course the final reception.

Anything extra would be considered an add on.

Can we choose the background music?

We now are able to have our couples pick whatever song they wish for their video!

How many speeches can we do?

Because videos have to remain a certain length. two speeches are what we capture - maximum 1-2 minutes per speech.

If you have more speeches on your wedding day we charge $100 per added speech to your video. As this adds a lot more time to your film.

You can also purchase RAW footage at a discounted rate for $50 per speech.

Can we add family Interviews?

Of course!

This will be added at the end of your video.

This usually adds about 1-2 more minutes to your footage. So there would be an add-on charge of $250

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