“Anyone can be passionate, but it takes real lovers to be silly"

Gabriel S.




Marisa Carter

Marisa Carter

I am Marisa Sue Marie Purcey.
Founder of MSMP Media LLC.

My parents saw my love of photography at a young age and purchased my first ever Rebel T6 Canon for me.

What was just a hobby became a small business, which became what it is today!

My love for capturing people's special days will never go away. And although my husband and I run a team, I could never put down my camera!!

Photography will always be my passion but most importantly my family of my own and our special days!

MSMP Media CEO // Marketing // Sales //Legal // Business

MSMP Media CEO // Marketing // Sales //Legal // Business

Robert Carter

Robert Carter

Husband to Marisa and best dad to Liyah, Tristan and Rayan.

Robert oversees sales, legal and business responsibilities for MSMP Media and periodically shoots on the side.
(he's shot for national geographic)

Some of Rob's favorite things include Indian food, landscape photography and laying on the beach in Hawaii.

He seeks happiness from working out, meditation and his yoga practice each and every morning with his wife!


Em Harrington

MSMP MI // Videographer

Em is a natural Videographer!
She is funny and so easy to be around. We love her creative eye and steady hand at work, creating such pretty videos for our MSMP Brides.

Sophia Hyatt

MSMP MI // Photographer

Sophia is one of our Michigan Photographers!
Sophia loves everything and anything to do with being creative to editing MSMP photos alongside the owner.
Sophia is so sweet to work and is a ray of sunshine.

Jordon Hubbard

MSMP MI // Photographer

Jordon is one of our Michigan photographers for weddings in the Grand Rapids and surrounding areas.
She is also our main family and newborn photographer!
Not only is Jordon an awesome momma but she is one heck of a photographer. You won't regret having her capture your wedding day.

Curtis Woodruff

msmp MI // videographer

Curtis is not only one of our videographers but one of our video editors too!
He is so great to work with and absolutely LOVES what he does.
His goal is to see MSMP grow into something truly amazing for all to see.

Ian Pokriefka

MSMP MI // Photographer

Ian works in our Grand Rapids and Detroit locations.
He has 13 years of photographing weddings and engagement photos
He is super funny and loves putting a smile on everyone's face!
Ian is super creative, he uses his skills with photography to not only capture our clients wedding day but capture their love story

Makayla Passino

MSMP // Travel Photographer


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