MSMP Photography

Oahu, Hawaii

Booking June-Dec. 2022 & 2023

MSMP Photography

Oahu, Hawaii

Booking June-Dec. 2022 & 2023

MSMP IS Now providing its photography services in Hawaii

We are ready for rainbow skies and Tropical trees.

We are ready for Hawaii!


Does MSMP book weekday weddings?

MSMP books Monday-Saturday and is closed on Sundays.

Does MSMP have a second shooter?

YES! MSMP and her husband work together on occasion. Robert has been doing landscape and lifestyle photography as a hobby for many years, but her husband is normally helping with marketing and branding.

Does MSMP travel to any of the other islands?

Currently MSMP is stationed on the island of Oahu. Due to covid restrictions traveling to the other islands has become more difficult. MSMP hopes to make this an option in the near future for other clientele.

How many years has MSMP been shooting weddings?

MSMP became a professional photography business in 2018 and has shot well over 60 weddings to date.

What would be the cost for an MSMP Hawaii wedding/elopement?

Wedding packages range from 2250-4000. Our hourly rate is $350 per hour with a minimum of 3 hours.

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